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Kirtland Partnership Committee Supports Kirtland Air Force Base
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Kirtland Partnership Committee
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Kirtland Air Force Base
Kirtland Partnership Committee Albuquerque, New Mexico

Supporting Kirtland Air Force Base

  KAFB Albuquerque, New Mexico


Education remains a continuing issue.  Military families place a high priority on
their children receiving a quality education.  

In this regard, the Albuquerque Public Schools Superintendent is a member of
the Kirtland Partnership Committee’s Executive Committee and consults
regularly with Kirtland AFB officials.  

Additionally, Kirtland AFB officials, the
Kirtland Partnership Committee and the
State of New Mexico Military Base Planning Office were instrumental in obtaining the State of New Mexico Legislature’s approval to join the Interstate Compact, a nationwide effort among  participating states, to ease the school transition process for military children.  

This cooperative effort addresses most of
the significant administrative challenges faced by military families when their children transfer schools, which average six to nine school transfers during a military parent’s career in the Armed Forces.  

The easing of red tape for processes such as records transfer, course placement, graduation requirements, extracurricular participation, entrance and exit testing
and entrance-age requirements greatly enhances a military family’s transfer to a
new base and helps in retention efforts.


KPC Supports Education

The Kirtland Partnership Committee is committed to supporting Kirtland AFB, the first
third in its mission statement of “supporting, preserving and growing” Kirtland AFB.

As an advocate for the base, the KPC meets regularly with commanders of the top units
assigned to the base to stay current on any mission changes and any areas in which the
Kirtland Partnership Committee might have a role.   This continuing dialogue ensures that
there is two-way communication on issues of mutual concern.   The KPC is involved in most issues concerning Kirtland AFB which affect the surrounding community.


About every other year, the Kirtland Partnership Committee sponsors the Installation Commander’s Report to the Community.  The next event will be in 2013.  

In late 2010, the New Mexico Air National Guard’s 150th Fighter Wing at Kirtland AFB, known as the “Tacos,” was officially given a change from their previous F-16 fighter aircraft missions.  This mission change will result in the 150th Fighter Wing becoming a “classic” Associate unit of the active duty 58th Special Operations Wing at Kirtland Air Force Base.  The KPC has been involved in this issue since its inception, working behind the scenes with all the stakeholders; a top priority keeping jobs.

KPC Supports Keeing KAFB Open


Joint Land Use Study

A recently completed Joint Land Use Study, supported by the Kirtland Partnership Committee and involving several of our members in this year-long study, will provide future benefits to both the base and the surrounding community. 

The purpose of a Joint Land Use Study is to anticipate, identify and prevent growth conflicts through joint, cooperative military and community planning.  These actions help protect the installation’s military mission along with the public health, safety, quality of life and community economic stability.  

For further information on the recently completed Joint Land Use Study, see the Mid Region Council of Governments web page,

There are many other ways the Kirtland Partnership Committee supports Kirtland Air Force Base.   We attend public meetings and meet regularly with elected and appointed officials:  locally, state-wide and nationally. 


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