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Kirtland Partnership Committee Supports Kirtland Air Force Base
Kirtland Partnership Committee
Kirtland Partnership Committee KPC New Mexico
Kirtland Air Force Base
Kirtland Partnership Committee Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Supporting, Preserving and Growing
Kirtland Air Force Base"

  KAFB Albuquerque, New Mexico

Support Kirtland AFB
by Speaking Up!

Contact your City Councilor, County Commissioner, State Representative and Senator, the New Mexico Congressional Delegation, your Congressman and the two New Mexico Senators to make clear your support for Kirtland Air Force Base
in your own is our turn now!


KAFB Osprey


Learn About the Issues

Learn about the issues and about public meetings where your voice is needed in support of Kirtland AFB! For notification of public meetings go to the Kirtland AFB Web Site:

Note:   The views expressed by the Kirtland Partnership Committee on this web site do not necessarily reflect official US Government, Department of  Defense, Department of Energy, US Air Force or Kirtland AFB positions.

For more information about Kirtland Air Force Base visit

Learning about KAFB

To learn more about Kirtland AFB, please download the latest Annual Economic Impact Report, published by Kirtland AFB. (PDF 6.4 MB)

This document contains information about the base, top units, economic impact, number of people working at Kirtland, and more.

The FY12 Annual Economic Impact Report released in June 2013 is now available. Click here to download the current economic impact report.

            KAFB CV Team    

Kirtland Air Force Base was constructed in January through August 1941 as Albuquerque Army Air Base
and renamed Kirtland Army Air Field in February 1942.

It was named in honor of Colonel Roy C. Kirtland, one of the earliest aviation pioneers. In 1947, as the Army Air Corps became the United States Air Force, Kirtland Army Air Field became Kirtland Air Force Base.


Welcome to the KPC Website

The Kirtland Partnership Committee, or KPC, is the downtown Albuquerque business group which supports Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The mission of the KPC is to “support, preserve and grow” Kirtland AFB.

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Note:  if you have questions about Kirtland AFB, please visit the Kirtland AFB Official web page,   or for specific phone numbers call 505.846.0011.   For other matters, contact the Kirtland AFB Public Affairs Office at 505.846.5991.

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Kirtland AFB Fuel Plume

The Air Force's top Environmental Official, Hon Terry Yonkers, Assistant Secretary of
the Air Force for Installations, Environment and Logistics, has stated several times this year
that the Air Force will do "whatever it takes" to remediate the Kirtland AFB Fuel Plume.

The contractor, Shaw Group, has stated that this is a remediable problem.

No drinking water well has yet been contaminated.

The enforcement agency is the New Mexico Environment Department.

For more current information, go the Kirtland AFB web page, and
look for "Environmental Information."

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For more information about Kirtland Air Force Base visit or call 505-846-0011.
To contact the Kirtland Partnership Committee call 505-338-2180 in Albuquerque, New Mexico or e-mail us.